Posted: 01/28/2013

The Rockaways Three Months Post-Sandy

@CyrusVJ gets a glimpse of the damages still sustained.


East of 114th street things look much like they did right after the storm. Lifetimes of household accumulation dumped on the corner, broken windows, locked abandoned buildings, evidence of looting and an uneasy quiet. ___

Residents report that this row of businesses and restaurants went up in flames during the storm, but floodwaters made access impossible for fire fighters. Three months later, it's still a pile of rubble along the main commercial drag. ___

Glimpses of Rockaway peninsula 4 months after the storm. The boardwalk is still gone and many of the commercial buildings around 116th street are still rubble. Among the few that have reopened is the check cashing joint, with signs saying "we cash all FEMA checks." This is directly across the street from the above video. ___

The wealthier parts of the Rockaways are also hit hard. This is around Beach 140th street. ___

The iconic boardwalk is gone all the way down the beach. Residents are worried--not only is it a quality of life issue, but the boardwalk traditionally protects houses near the water from smaller storm swells. Now, they're unprotected.