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Making A Movie With Indonesia's Real-Life Mass Murderers

  • World
  • 01.16.14 12:59 PM EST

In the 1960s, Indonesian death squads committed genocide against hundreds of thousands of innocent people. When Joshua Oppenheimer traveled there to make a movie about the murders, he didn't have to hire actors: The perpetrators themselves are still around, in power, and willing to re-enact the killings.

The resulting documentary, The Act Of Killing, is a chilling and honest exploration of the mind of a mass murderer -- however strange or normal they may seem. The film was executive produced by  documentary heavyweights Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, and is out in limited release Friday. 

NowThis sat down with film's creator, Joshua Oppenheimer, and asked him about making the film. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary and is a favorite to win.