2021 was Hottest Summer Ever Recorded for the U.S.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s monthly U.S. climate reports showed that the average temperature during the meteorological summer (June to August) of 2021 was the hottest on record at 74°F, which was 2.6°F above average. The hottest summer prior to 2021 was the Dust Bowl Summer of 1936 (albeit by only 0.01°F) which led to thousands of deaths and a massive failure of crops.

Year to date, between January and August of 2021, the average temperature was 1.8°F above the 20th-century average, so far making it the 13th warmest year on record.

Other notable findings were that 2021 was the 8th wettest summer in recorded history. Hurricane Ida and Tropical Storms Fred and Henri dumped huge amounts of rain across the Southeast and Northeast U.S., causing record flooding.

Air quality is also a concern across the U.S. due to massive wildfires in California.

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