Endangered Sea Turtle Found With Plastic in Intestines

This endangered green sea turtle has defecated more than 0.5 ounces of plastic and still has an intestinal blockage requiring it to remain in a rescue center.

The sea turtle was found tangled in a fishing net by a fisherman in eastern Argentina on December 13. According to veterinarians at the Mundo Marino rescue center, the young, 13-inch-long turtle expelled pieces of fishing nets, plastic caps, nylon, styrofoam, and cellophane. X-rays revealed a blockage in the turtle’s intestine. Karina Alvarez, a biologist at the Mundo Marino Foundation, said in a statement, 'In the x-ray, we saw that there is still content to be eliminated. Then we restarted the protocol, and he started again to eliminate a significant number of residues, and he is under treatment.’

Plastic pollution is a detriment to the sea, killing large numbers of seabirds and marine mammals, as well as destroying ocean ecosystems.