Image Shows Consequences of Severe Drought in Kenya

This photo shows the devastation on wildlife wrought by a severe drought in Kenya. These 6 giraffes, weakened by a lack of food and water, died after getting stuck in the mud on the way to an already-mostly-dried reservoir, according to Getty. They were reportedly moved after being found to prevent contamination of the remaining reservoir.


Kenyan website The Star reported that in one county alone, 4,000 out of the 4,830 giraffes in the local population are at risk of death due to the drought. There are an estimated 34,240 giraffes in the entire country.

The drought was declared a national disaster on September 8 by President Uhuru Kenyatta. According to a UN report released on December 14, some areas of Kenya have reported their worst rainfall since the 1980s, and the three past rainy seasons have been poor. Farmers and communities are struggling, and 2.9 million people are in urgent need of help with 368,000 people experiencing ‘emergency levels of hunger.’