K-pop Fans Use Social Media to Fight Climate Change

K-pop lovers from all over the world are coming together under the Kpop4Planet platform to fight the climate crisis.

From signing petitions that help save forests to raising funds for disaster victims, millennial and Gen Z K-pop fans have been using social media to start online campaigns that make a difference in the world.

In January 2021, K-pop fans raised nearly $100,000 for those who were affected by floods in Indonesia. They’ve also planted thousands of trees throughout South Korea and the Philippines in recent years.

K-pop groups like Blackpink and BTS have led this change by engaging their millions of followers to act on climate change. Blackpink, for example, posted a social media video in December 2020 to raise awareness ahead of the UN climate summit COP26.

‘Climate change is the crisis of our generation. With K-pop fans mostly consisting of Gen Z and millennials, we are the ones who will be most severely affected by decisions taken or not taken today. Fighting for climate justice means fighting for our future,’ said Nurul Sarifah, Kpop4Planet’s organizer in a press release.

This is not the first time K-pop fans have mobilized online for a social cause. Throughout 2020, K-pop fans used platforms like Twitter and TikTok to mobilize around political issues, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and taking over viral hashtags.

To learn more about Kpop4Planet’s activism visit kpop4planet.com.