Microplastics Found By Scientists Even in 'Clean' Air

Scientists from French national research institute CNRS sampled air in the French Pyrenees from nearly 10,000 feet above sea level between June and October of 2017. They reportedly found microplastics in every sample.

By calculating the trajectories of the air masses at that altitude, the researchers discovered the plastic came from as far away as North Africa and North America. Some was even traced back to the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The study’s main author, Steve Allen from Dalhousie University in Canada, told AFP that the ocean source is particularly concerning,

‘Plastic leaving the ocean into the air that high – it shows there is no eventual sink for this plastic. It’s just moving around and around in an indefinite cycle.’

Study co-author Deonie Allen said that while the amount of microplastics in the collected samples doesn't necessarily pose a health risk, the fact that they even made it there should make people think about the relationship humans have with plastic.

‘It’s going to come back to you,’ she said.