New Label Shows How Sustainable Your Clothing Is

Ethical fashion brand Nisolo launched the Sustainability Facts Label on December 15, 2021. The label shows the impact each product has on the planet and on the people who manufacture the product.

According to Nisolo, greenwashing by fashion brands threatens progress toward sustainability in the industry. Additionally, the company states that less than 5% of people who make clothing globally are paid a living wage.

Nisolo’s Sustainability Facts Label will be attached to each Nisolo product. Each label includes a QR code that, when scanned, links to 200 data points that show how the product scored for people and planet. The hope is that this will allow customers to better understand the impact of the products they buy.

Nisolo’s founder and CEO, Patrick Woodyard, says the company’s label is just a start, ‘While far from perfect, our hope is that the breadth, depth, and simplicity of the Sustainability Facts Label becomes the bare minimum for sustainability and the floor for future labels to be built upon.’