Philanthropic Orgs Pledge $5B to Protect Biodiversity

In the largest-ever private donation for conservation, 9 philanthropic organizations have pledged to give $5 billion to conservation causes by 2030. The groups include the Wyss Foundation, the British Arcadia Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Nia Tero, Rainforest Trust, Re:wild, the Bezos Earth Fund, and the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation.

The Wyss Foundation’s goal is to keep 30% of the Earth in its natural state and has supported a number of conservation efforts in the past through local communities, governments, and Indigenous peoples’ causes. The other philanthropists have supported organizations such as the Sierra Club and Conservation International. The Bezos Earth Fund has said its donation will go to the tropical Andes, the tropical Pacific, and the Congo Basin, places with high levels of biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

Their efforts come as biodiversity is experiencing an accelerating rate of decline, according to a United Nations report released in 2019. 1 million species are threatened with extinction, many within decades, a loss that is unprecedented in human history.