Pinterest Has Outright Banned Climate Misinformation

Getty Images

Pinterest announced a new policy on April 6 that aims to stop climate misinformation in its tracks. The social media platform said it will take down content denying that the climate crisis exists. Offenders of the new policy can possibly have their accounts removed.

Pinterest has had a policy in place since 2017 banning vaccine misinformation on its platform and has also barred misinformation about elections.

Pinterest’s head of policy, Sarah Bromma, told CNN that user safety is the reason the company took this action, saying, “We repeatedly heard from [climate experts] that climate misinformation, like climate denial narratives, is causing real harm. That type of harm fits into our existing misinformation framework, which is that we take action on false or misleading action that may harm Pinners’ or the public’s well-being, safety or trust.”