These Tigers Were Relocated to Help an Endangered Population

Two tigers were translocated from the Corbett Tiger Reserve in Northern India to the Rajaji Tiger Reserve, approximately 80 miles north of the Corbett Reserve. The move marks the first tiger translocations in Uttarakhand, a state in Northern India. The tigers were moved as part of a recovery plan to re-establish a breeding population of tigers in the western part of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve.

The full plan involves translocating 5 adult tigers, which will be fitted with radio collars and monitored regularly to gain an understanding of the animals’ range, territorial dynamics, and predatory behavior.

Prior to the translocations, tigers reportedly only occupied approximately 17% of the reserve, with photographic evidence suggesting the presence of just two female tigers and no signs of breeding since 2006.

This effort provides new hope to bring a breeding population of tigers back into the Rajaji Tiger Reserve.

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