U.S. Zoos Are Moving Birds Indoors As Avian Flu Spreads

Credit: Getty Images

Tens of millions of turkeys and chickens have been killed across the U.S. in an attempt to limit the spread of the avian flu, and zoos are trying to prevent captive birds from meeting the same fate by hiding them away from potential sources of infection. The virus is so contagious that when a single case is found in a flock of chickens or turkeys, the entire flock needs to be killed in order to prevent the spread.

The avian flu can be spread through contaminated clothing, supplies, and equipment that came in contact with droppings or nasal discharge from an infected bird. Research has shown that small, non-captive birds and mice can carry the virus into a bird’s enclosure.

There have been no reported outbreaks of avian flu in zoos yet, but wild birds surrounding U.S. zoos have died of the flu.