All-Woman Spacewalk Makes History (Again)

Two women on the International Space Station made history once again.

Twitter/ International Space Staton

NASA’s first spacewalk of 2020 started early Wednesday morning, and for the second time ever, it was an all-woman crew. 

Two flight engineers for Expedition 61, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, suited up on January 15 and started their spacewalk at around 5:30 AM EST. 

This is only the second time ever that two women will be completing a spacewalk—and it was Koch and Meir who made history the first time. In October 2019, the two astronauts completed the first all-woman spacewalk, which was Koch’s fourth spacewalk and Meir’s first. 

The spacewalk is intended to last about six and a half hours to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries with new lithium-ion batteries. The changes will help the ISS upgrade its power system with newer batteries that hold more of a charge. 

If everything goes well on Wednesday’s spacewalk, the two will be back out in space later this week for more space station upgrades.

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