Apple Introduces Nearly 400 New & More Inclusive Emojis

In the latest iOS update, people with disabilities and gender-neutral emojis have been added.

Apple released their iOS 13.2 update on Tuesday, and with it came a huge overhaul of new and more inclusive emojis. 

The latest update includes a collection of 398 new emojis, including a flamingo, waffle, redheads, a gender-neutral person, and more. Apple has given some of the existing ones a new look, like introducing more diverse couples and interchangeable skin tones. 

265 of the existing emojis have been redesigned, with 255 of them given a more gender-neutral appearance. The couples holding hands can now be individually designed, including gender and skin tone. 

Apple has also included emojis for people with disabilities including a blind person walking with a cane, and an emoji using sign language. There’s also three wheelchair options, a hearing aid, and an animatronic leg and arm. 

Along with the more inclusive people emojis, there have been eight new animals, eight new food options, a wider variation of colored hearts, circles and squares, and completely new designs such as a yawning face and a planet.

The new emojis were previewed earlier this year and were given for testing to select iOS beta testers. iOS 13.2 is now available.