Apple's New AirPods Pro Include Noise Cancellation

Here's everything you need to know about Apple's new noise-canceling AirPods.

Apple is releasing AirPods with new features—including noise cancellation. They announced the third iteration of the wireless earbuds on Thursday, and they’re about to go on sale.
Apple’s new Airpods Pro will detect background noise using two microphones and cancel it out by producing “anti-noise,” a process that occurs in the pods 200x per second. Users can go between noise-cancellation and transparency mode, which allows them to listen to their surroundings. They will also have a feature called “Adaptive EQ,” which Apple says will optimize music to the shape of each ear.  
“We refined the details of comfort, creating a new class of in-ear headphones with a customizable fit that forms and exceptional seal for Active Noise Cancellation,” Apple said on their website.” You’ll feel your music, not your headphones.”
The new Airpods Pro come with three different sizes of flexible ear tips and feature “advanced algorithms” that help users determine the right-sized tip. The tips also come with vents that help equalize pressure. The sweat-and-water-resistant buds come with a charging case, just like their predecessors, and connect to your iPhone and Apple Watch, so people can use Siri wirelessly.
Apple says the AirPods Pro have a 4.5-hour continuous listening battery life. They will be available October 30, and sell for $249.