Motorola is Bringing Back the Razr

The nostalgia-inducing, foldable smartphone will launch in January 2020 and have a similar look to its predecessor.

Motorola is bringing back its classic 2000s-era phone, the Razr—but with a smartphone upgrade.

Launching in January 2020, the new Razr will fold in half—much like the original. But instead of a keyboard, it will have an OLED screen and bendable plastic, with a small LCD screen on the front when closed called the Quick Screen. The phone will go for $1,400.

The new Razr will unfold without any creases and become a completely flat surface. Motorola says it will have about the same lifespan as any other smartphone and will be splash and scuff resistant.

Motorola has used the nostalgic product to re-brand in the past, with the release of the Droid RAZR in 2011. But this new phone truly pays homage to the original with its ability to shut— it also has the same thickness (when closed) as the 2004 original.