Phone Case Designed to Mimic Human Skin

This phone case made from artificial skin can be poked, pinched, and tickled.

This creepy phone case looks, feels, and reacts like human skin. The flesh-inspired case not only covers your smartphone—it also lets you interact with it via touch. 

The Skin-On Interface is still in its prototype phase. French researchers developed it as part of their exploration of technology and human touch. 

Marc Teyssier and his colleagues at Telecom Paris created Skin-On to mimic the squishy texture of real human skin. It also reacts to poking, pinching, and even tickling. They say building an artificial object that reflects human touch took three months of development. 

“Skin-On Interfaces are sensitive skin-like input methods than can be added to existing devices to increase their capabilities,” explains Teyssier on his website. “When we interact with others, we use skin as interfaces. However the objects of mediated communication - such as the smartphone - still has a cold interface that doesn't allow natural interaction and input.”

Teyssier also said they wanted to create something “stretchable, and can detect human touch.” 

The skin case comes in two variations: simple, or ultra-realistic. Much like actual human flesh, the Skin-On has multiple layers to mimic skin’s texture and sensory functions. The case can interpret the pressure of your touch, which allows for physical communication and grip detection. 

French researchers say they plan to expand the Skin-On Interface to laptops, smartwatches, and other devices for all of your fake skin needs.
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