Opposing Football Team Shields Player When Her Hijab Falls Off

A video of a football match is going viral after a moment of compassion occurred during the game.

A resurfaced video of two football teams uniting for a brief moment after a woman’s hijab came loose during their match in Jordan, has gone viral.

The video, which is from a women’s championship match in 2018, shows players on Shabab al Ordon club helping the hijabi player on the opposing Arab Orthodox Club, when her hijab started to come loose and fall off. She stopped playing to fix it, which is when players on Shabab al Ordon club huddled around her so that she could adjust it with some privacy.

Shabob al Ordon went on to win the championship. 

According to the Jordan Football Association, the players who formed the human shield are Stephanie Naber, Hiba Fakherdine, Shurooq Shathily, Yasmeen Khair, and Noor Zoqash. The woman with the hijab did not wish to be named. 

The video sparked a discussion online, with people pointing out the sportsmanship from the other team, and praising them for showing compassion.