Johnson & Johnson Announced Baby Powder Recall While Being Sued By Thousands

Johnson & Johnson announced a voluntary recall of its baby powder due to asbestos contamination.

The FDA found asbestos levels in a single bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder purchased online. Since then, they have announced a voluntary recall of 33,000 bottles.
“People who own a bottle of Johnson's Baby Powder from Lot #22318RB should stop using it.” Johnson & Johnson said in a press release.
Talc, a mineral used in baby powder to absorb moisture, is sometimes mined in close proximity to asbestos deposits, allowing for possible cross-contamination. The World Health Organization considers all of asbestos to be carcinogenic to humans.
The recall was also announced amidst thousands of lawsuits against the company by individuals claiming their talcum products were a contributor to their cancers. In December 2018, the company was ordered to pay $4.69 billion to 22 women who claimed their ovarian cancer was linked to asbestos contamination in the company’s products. However, a case in South Carolina was ruled in the company’s favor this year, with a jury claiming that their baby powder did not contain asbestos and was not a contributor in the plaintiff’s disease. As of June 2019, over 15,000 lawsuits still stand against them with similar claims.
Johnson & Johnson continued in their press release that they’re undergoing a rigorous investigation with the FDA in response to the test to determine “the integrity of the tested sample, and the validity of the test results.” Those who bought baby powder from the recalled lot are being advised to stop using it. They can also contact the company for a refund.
According to, there are mixed results regarding whether products that contain talc cause cancer. Talc that contains asbestos is widely accepted as being carcinogenic, but tests that have been done on asbestos-free talc are less clear.