6 LGBTQ+ Organizations To Know, Use, And Support

These nonprofits aim to help the LGBTQ+ community by providing essential resources, education, and assistance in the fight for equality and justice.

Revellers take part in the 21st Gay Pride Parade, whose theme is "Secular State", in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 18, 2017 | Miguel Schincariol/ AFP via Getty Images
Revellers take part in the 21st Gay Pride Parade, whose theme is "Secular State", in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 18, 2017 | Miguel Schincariol/ AFP via Getty Images

As the U.S. begins to return to normalcy after a once-in-a-century pandemic (yay, time for Pride parades again!), the LGBTQ+ community is still working for equal rights in the U.S. Organizations across the country have long been focused on providing LGBTQ+ folks with support, and especially now during an extraordinary recovery period following a public health and economic crisis. 

The LGBTQ+ community is still facing discriminatory laws 

In 2021, multiple states introduced more than 250 bills that target LGBTQ+ people, specifically transgender youth. State governors from Arkansas, Idaho, and Mississippi have signed into law anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that restricts health care access and bars trans youth from participating in sports as their gender.

How to help and how to get help

Many nonprofit organizations continue to work on prevailing issues for the LGBTQ+ community by offering legal aid, mental health assistance, and more. Here are some organizations where you can donate, volunteer, or utilize resources:



State FarmⓇ has always known the power of a good neighbor. And for someone in the LGBTQ community, one good neighbor can make all the difference. Whether it’s listening, supporting, creating opportunities, letting people be themselves or just being there, even a small act of kindness can make a lasting impact.

A member of the LGBTQ+ community stands under a rainbow flag displayed on a boat during the Pride Boat Parade, an event of the Myanmar's Yangon Pride festival in Yangon on January 26, 2019 | Ye Aung Thu/ AFP via Getty Images

The Trevor Project a nonprofit that provides crisis and suicide prevention to LGBTQ+ youth. The organization offers 24/7 access to counselors through its hotline, text line, or online chat. The group also has additional communal resources that bring together LGBTQ+ youth and allies.

“The Trevor Project estimates that more than 1.8 million LGBTQ youth seriously consider suicide each year in the U.S. and could benefit from our services,” said Rob Todaro, The Trevor Project’s communications manager. “Your support will help us train more crisis counselors, continue to provide all of our crisis services 24/7 and for free, and expand our innovative advocacy, research, and education programs to raise public awareness and protect the rights of LGBTQ young people.”

How to support this organization: Donate or volunteer here.

Follow The Trevor Project on Twitter and Instagram, use TrevorText a confidential chat with a trained specialist by texting START to 678-378. 

State Farm has collaborated with The Trevor Project for several years by providing Good Neighbor Funding that supports the organization’s many life-saving services and launching the “One Good Neighbor” video series featuring LGBTQ+ people who shared their own personal stories. 

HRC is a political nonprofit that provides lobbying and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community. The organization has more than 3 million members and protects and advances anti-discrimination rights, marriage equality, and HIV/AIDS advocacy.

“Thanks to the support of our members, the Human Rights Campaign brings people together to create transformational change in the lives of LGBTQ people by fighting against stigma and discrimination, battling against anti-equality forces in statehouses across the country, shedding light on inequity and deepening the public’s understanding of LGBTQ issues,” Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David said.

How to support this organization: Donate or volunteer here.

Follow The Human Rights Campaign on Twitter and Instagram. 

State Farm has worked with the HRC by supporting the organization’s HBCU Program that partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities on establishing an LGBTQ+-inclusive campus climate. 

The Transgender Law Center fights against discriminatory legislation and policies that target the transgender community and also provides resources and assistance to transgender and gender nonconforming people through legal challenges. The organization is trans-led and works to create a safer world for trans people.

“At a time when trans people, especially trans youth, are under attack by state legislatures across the nation, Transgender Law Center works to amplify the leadership, voices, and power of trans youth to change society,” Transgender Law Center’s Executive Director Kris Hayashi told NowThis in a statement. “We continue the ongoing fight for trans migrants as we demand an end to trans detention and litigate on behalf of asylum seekers and those who are detained. And we center the leadership of Black trans women who hold the solutions to ending the epidemic of anti-trans violence.”

How to support this organization: Donate or volunteer.

Follow The Transgender Law Center on Twitter and Instagram. 



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The American Civil Liberties Union is a nonprofit with local affiliates in all 50 U.S. states that lobbies for individual rights of people in the U.S. The ACLU has a long history of fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, including advocating for protections from discrimination, harassment, or violence.

How to support this organization: Donate or volunteer.

Follow the ACLU on Twitter and Instagram.

The It Gets Better Project works to “uplift, empower, and connect” LGBTQ+ youth to help them through the difficulties of growing up. The project started as a social media campaign and has grown to provide services internationally. You can learn more about their services here.

“Pride month is a critical fundraising period for most LGBTQ+ nonprofits. Every dollar raised by the It Gets Better Project supports uplifting and empowering LGBTQ+ youth around the world--helping them to explore and navigate their sexual orientation and gender journey through a positive lens,” Development Manager at It Gets Better Project Jimmy Ancheta-Tilley Jr. said. “Our supporters are vital to the sustainability and the continued growth of our life-affirming programs.”

How to support this organization: Donate or volunteer.

Follow It Gets Better on Twitter and Instagram.

GLSEN is a network of educators and students who work to ensure that K-12 schools support LGBTQ+ students by providing resources and working with institutions to end harassment. GLSEN provides research that aids schools in creating a safe environment for all students.

“Your donation helps us sustain and expand critical programs like our National School Climate Survey, the foremost source of data on the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth, or Changing the Game, an initiative supporting LGBTQ+ student athletes facing discrimination in school athletics,” Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, GLSEN interim executive director, said. “This Pride month, we continue to fight for an education system that serves all students--regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, immigration or disability status or zip code.”

How to support this organization: Donate or volunteer.

Follow GLSEN on Twitter and Instagram.

For nearly ten years, State Farm has had a relationship with GLSEN and has supported the Day of Silence — a demonstration where LGBTQ+ students and allies take a vow of silence to protest harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ+ students in schools.