Animal Rights Protesters Hauled Off Stage During Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday Speech

This isn’t a first for the activist group — last month, topless protesters with fake blood on their chests stormed the stage during a Sanders rally.

AP Images

Two protesters were dragged off stage after storming the platform while Joe Biden was giving a Super Tuesday speech. 

The former Vice President was delivering an address to his supporters at his campaign headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, when a woman ran onto the stage holding a sign that said “Let Dairy Die.” She was immediately pulled off the stage, but another woman ran up after her. She was also removed. 

The protesters are from an LA-based organization called “Direct Action Everywhere,” which advocates for animal rights and social justice. 

This isn’t the first time the group has made an appearance at political events — last month, topless protesters with fake blood painted on their chests stormed the stage during a Bernie Sanders rally in Nevada, grabbing the mic and condemning the dairy industry. They also interrupted his rally in Richmond, CA the next day. Two of the topless women were arrested in Nevada for indecent exposure.

The same group took the stage during Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s rally in LA on Monday. Photos showed authorities removing them from the platform. 

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