Belonging Starts With A Name

New short film shows the power of our names.


There’s almost nothing more personal to individuals than a name — it represents our lineage, our identities, and our story — particularly so with the AAPI community. But often, unintentional mistakes like mispronouncing their names can make AAPIs feel like they don’t belong. Even superheroes can’t escape the experience.

Belonging starts with a name and one simple way allies can support the AAPI community is to make an effort to learn how to correctly pronounce their names. To help support this, P&G created “The Name” a short film and web site that will have tools where individuals can learn how to pronounce AAPI names or teach others with a personalized social graphic. "The Name" spotlights the importance of all our names, and how meaningful gestures - like pronunciation and understanding its meaning can create a greater sense of belonging for us all.

Watch “The Name” here.

P&G is also sponsoring some of our editorial coverage for AAPI Heritage Month this week on our Instagram and TikTok, check it out and add your voice to our #OurNamesBelong rally.