Brazilian Vet Makes Prosthetic Parts for Injured Animals

This vet is helping injured animals by creating custom prosthetic body parts.

A Brazilian vet is helping animals to rehabilitate with the use of custom-made prosthetics.

Maria Angela Panelli is a veterinarian in Barretos, Brazil who has been helping animals that have lost limbs or other parts of their bodies by molding custom prosthetics.

Panelli has created artificial body parts including beaks, feet, paws, wings and more. 

“When animals get injured, the loss of a paw, the loss of a wing, the loss of a beak, euthanasia is then considered, to end their lives,” Panelli said. “So, when we do prosthesis, giving back part of a lost beak, a part of a lost leg, you can give back the bird's quality of life so that it can stay alive and happy.”

One of Panelli’s creations includes a beak made out of resin, which was custom-fitted on a bird.
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