Bushfires in New South Wales Are All “Contained”

The severe storms in Australia hit the area last week and helped extinguish the flames.

Getty Images

The bushfires in Australia, which have ravaged New South Wales for months, are all “contained” according to the NSW Rural Fire Service. Firefighters said there was still fire activity in the far south of the state, but with the flames finally contained they could “really focus on helping people rebuild."

"After what's been a truly devastating fire season for both firefighters and residents, who've suffered so much this season, all fires are now contained in New South Wales," Rural Fire Service Assistant Commissioner Rob Rogers said on Thursday.

Since the bushfires began in September, they have burned approximately 27 million acres, killing an estimated 1 billion animals and at least 33 people. Though Australia is used to fire seasons, the particularly dry summer season caused the blazes to do unprecedented amounts of damage. 

The flames were finally quelled, due in part to the heavy rainfall that hit the state last weekend. But the severe storms that have hit many major cities are causing flooding, evacuations, and school closures. Ex-tropical storm Uesi may hit the NSW coastline, causing gusty winds, heavy rainfall, and big waves. 

This week, the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment posted the list on their website of 113 animal species that need “urgent management intervention” to survive after their habitats were destroyed by the fires.