A Personal Chef Has Gone Viral With Her Creative Charcuterie Boards

Chef Moïse began making the boards to distract people while she cooked.

When Theo Moïse was furloughed at the beginning of the pandemic, she decided to take some time to invest in herself and her business. Moïse — or Chef Moïse, as she’s known online — is a personal chef with nearly a million followers on TikTok.

With her business Manje with Moïse, she makes all kinds of foods, but she especially loves creating charcuterie boards.

“As a personal chef, when you're cooking, people are usually in your space asking questions, and it's exciting,” Moïse told NowThis. “But as a chef, sometimes they're in the way. They're in the kitchen. They're asking you questions. So to get them out of my hair, I just started feeding them cheese, and I would literally just make a cute charcuterie board and put it on the opposite side of the kitchen.”

But what began as a method to distract has now become her specialty, inspiring another business: Board all the Thyme. “If people are having cocktail parties, or stand-up parties, or meetings, or anything that just doesn't involve a solid meal, they can just graze, and eat that, and also have a beautiful representation in front of them,” she said.

Credit: NowThis

Posting her creations online has allowed her to share her love of food with others. “A lot of times when you see content on social media, it is perfect, but it's not always relatable,” she said. “I think when people see my content, not only are they relating to it, but they pick up little tips and gems that they can actively use in their cooking and lifestyle. And when they start cooking, they start remembering, oh, like, garlic confit or maybe this specific spice blend that Chef Moïse taught me about.”

“These are gems that are, like, everlasting,” she continued. “And it's inspiring people not only to try new recipes, try new dishes, but also people wanna try being a personal chef, try cooking even more. And more importantly, they wanna try putting out content because they see me being relatable, putting it out there, and they're unafraid to showcase themselves.”