Dalgona Coffee Is Everyone’s New Favorite Drink For Social Distancing

The aesthetically pleasing, Insta-friendly coffee beverage known as “fluffy coffee” is having a moment.

Getty Images

A trendy beverage is invading social feeds around the world — and it’s actually easy to make at home. 

Dalgona coffee or “fluffy coffee” has become a popular pastime for people who are social distancing. All you need is an electric mixer (or your own strength) to whip instant-coffee powder with hot water and sugar until it’s fluffy — then you dollop it on top of milk.

The user-friendly beverage appeared on lots of feeds earlier this year in South Korea, and is named for a popular Korean honeycomb candy. Once YouTubers and TikTok users started posting videos of themselves making the frothy beverage, the creamy coffee concoction really took off.

While stay-at-home orders are in place around the world to slow the spread of coronavirus, the measures have led many non-essential businesses — including coffee shops — to close. But fluffy coffee is arguably just as decadent as a specialty Starbucks drink, and can be made at home. 

Meanwhile, people are posting videos of their coffee creations online while they're at home, amassing hundreds of thousands of views.

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