Disney Will Now Sell Impossible “Meat” Options at Parks

The resorts and theme park restaurants are rolling out Impossible brand items to their growing plant-based food menu.


The Impossible brand of meat substitutes just partnered with its biggest company yet—Disney. 

As part of its latest venture into plant-based options at its massively popular theme parks and resorts, Disney announced Tuesday it has a deal with Impossible Foods to boost its menu. 

Last year, the company said it added more than 400 plant-based options on menus at theme parks, hotels, and cruise lines. A leaf symbol indicates plant-based options throughout their menus.  

Right now, the Impossible Burger is sold at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This spring, the burger will be available at Disney’s California Adventure, along with other Impossible items such as the Impossible meatball sub and Impossible cheeseburger mac and cheese, which will launch during their California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.  

“We recently signed this formal alliance, but have been working with Impossible for some time in many dishes we’ve created. Now our guests will be able to see their name on our menus,” said Disneyland Resort’s culinary director Chef John State. 

Impossible Foods’ line of products are meant to mimic meat in the way it tastes, looks, feels, and even cooks. The company has made a name for itself in the last few years by partnering with huge chains like Burger King and White Castle, as a surge of plant-based options become more popular. Between 2017 and 2018, foods labeled as “plant-based” saw a 20% spike in sales, according to Nielsen data.

Dennis Woodside, the president of Impossible Foods, said they’re “thrilled” to be working with Disney. 

“The millions of park-goers who visit Disney Parks and Resorts and sail on Disney Cruise Line each year – including those who are reducing their impact on the environment by eating less meat – will now be able to order the Impossible Burger and other delicious dishes made with our plant-based meat. We look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead with this new relationship,” he continued. 

Impossible Foods has said its mission with meat-free products is to “drastically reduce humanity’s destructive impact on the global environment by completely replacing the use of animals as a food production technology.”
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