“Fake Children” in Cages Were Placed Near the First Big Caucus

The cages were set up in Des Moines the day of the Iowa caucuses.

Dozens of “fake children” in cages were placed around Des Moines, Iowa as voters prepared for the state’s caucuses. 
RAICES, an immigrant rights group based in Texas, installed more than a dozen cages around Des Moines on Monday Each cage contained a display that portrayed a child covered with a Mylar blanket, playing actual audio from a child who was detained as part of the

Trump administration’s immigration crackdowns. The cages also displayed signs that said #DontLookAway.
The nonprofit set up the cages on the day of the Iowa caucuses, as voters are set
to choose their candidates for president. 
The U.S. detained 69.5 thousand migrant children in 2019 — more than any other country. At least seven children have died while in CBP custody. 
RAICES installed similar cages in New York City in June 2019, for an art installation depicting the horror of family separation.  
“The litmus test of any society is how it treats children. By normalizing the detention of children in cages, we’re only going further down the path of forsaking the rights of all children,” RAICES executive director Jonathan Ryan said in a 2019 statement, explaining the installations.