For Some GOP Figures, Xboxes Are The New Gas Stoves

"They're trying to recruit your kids into climate politics at an earlier age," one Fox News pundit bemoaned.

PHoto credit: Getty Images
PHoto credit: Getty Images

Fresh off the great gas stove controversy of 2023, conservatives have found a new thing to get mad about: Energy efficient updates to the Xbox game console.

Microsoft, which created Xbox, announced plans to update the console and make it more energy efficient, in an effort to reduce its environmental impact and reach its goal of being 'carbon negative' by 2030. The update will include system downloads running when the most renewable energy is available, and a new energy-saving mode that uses 20x less energy than the console’s ‘sleep’ function. This will reportedly reduce users' carbon footprint and potentially save them money on their electricity bills. According to the Verge, the energy-saving mode might cause Xbox consoles to boot up 15 seconds slower, but there are alternative settings available for users to pick from.

Shortly after Microsoft announced the update, many conservative lawmakers and media pundits pounced.‘First gas stoves, then your coffee, now they're gunning for your Xbox,’ in response to the announcement of the Xbox being the ‘First Carbon Aware Console,’ Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted.

​​​​​​​‘They want to take your guns. They want to take your gas stoves. And now they want to take your Xbox. What’s next? ‘ tweeted Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX).


In a January 24 segment of Fox News, conservative radio host Jimmy Failla said, ‘They're trying to recruit your kids into climate politics at an earlier age, make them climate conscious now.’ Who, exactly, he meant by ‘they’re,’ he didn’t say.