LeBron James, Guy Fieri, & More Celebs Lend A Hand In California Wildfire Relief

Celebrities have been donating food, time, and money to first responders of the many California wildfires.

Celebrities have been helping where they can after the Getty Fire erupted Monday morning in Los Angeles, as parts of the state face hurricane-force winds that could make wildfires worse.
NBA star LeBron James paid around $3,000 to have a taco truck deliver food to first responders of the fire. He was one of several celebrities who were asked to evacuate the area after the Getty Fire erupted.
John Cena also announced via a video on Twitter that he’s donating $500,000 to two charities that support firefighters—the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation and the California Fire Foundation.
“California is in dire straights. It is burning,” Cena said. “It is under siege from massive wildfires statewide. Which means our first responders are working around the clock and they need our help.”

To help first responders fighting the Kincade Fire, another massive wildfire that started on October 23 in Northern California, celebrity chef Guy Fieri provided dinners and lunches for the Sonoma County Fire District.

There have been 200,000 evacuations in Sonoma County because of the Kincade fire, and it is expected to burn for another week and a half with no rain in the forecast. It and the Getty Fire are part of a group of wildfires raging through California, including the Oak Fire in Calabasas, the Tick Fire in Southern California, and several smaller fires. As of Tuesday, the Getty fire had covered 656 acres and destroyed 12 homes.