Library’s Request For New York Times Subscription Denied Over “Fake News”

“I support President Trump. I would say [the New York Times] put stuff in there that’s not necessarily verified.”

A Citrus County, Florida public library was denied a digital subscription to the New York Times because several county officials believe it is “fake news.”
Although all four libraries in Citrus County offer print versions of the publication, library director Eric Head recommended the county get a digital subscription. For $2,657 annually for the first two years, the subscription would allow all 70,000 Citrus County library card holders digital access to the NY Times.
But county officials were quick to deny the request, citing President Trump’s belief that the publication is “fake news.”
“I don’t want the New York Times in this county,” Commissioner Scott Carnahan said in an October 24 meeting, where the request was brought up. “I don’t like them. It’s fake news.”
“I support President Trump. I would say they put stuff in there that’s not necessarily verified,” Commissioner Brian Coleman added.
Citrus County Special Library District Advisory Board Chairwoman Sandy Price expressed disappointment in the decision, explaining that someone’s personal political views shouldn’t determine resources allocated to an entire county.
“Libraries have to ensure all points of view are represented,” she told the Citrus County Chronicle.
According to the Chronicle, most of the commissioners have stood by their decision, but Coleman recognized that it should have been an impartial one. The advisory board will be revising the decision sometime this month.