Mississippi Family Demands Answers in Case of 11-Year-Old Shot by Police After Dialing 911

Nakala Murray said her son was shot in the chest while coming around the corner of a hallway by Indianola officer Greg Capers.

Credit: AP
Credit: AP

A family in Mississippi is demanding answers from their local police department after an 11-year-old boy was shot moments after he called 911 seeking help. Nakala Murray told CNN that she had asked her 11-year-old son Aderrien to call the police on May 20, after the father of another one of her children arrived home "irate."

"He had done nothing wrong and everything was right. His mother asked him to call the police and call his grandmother when she felt threatened by a man in her home at four o’clock in the morning and that's what he did," said the family’s attorney, Carlos Moore.

Nakala said her son was shot in the chest while coming around the corner of a hallway by Indianola officer Greg Capers. Nakala claimed Capers arrived at the home with "his gun drawn at the front door and asked those inside the home to come outside." When the boy was shot, Aderrien’s mother recalled him repeatedly asking, "Why did he shoot me? What did I do wrong?"

Aderrien is back at home recovering from a collapsed lung, fractured ribs, and a lacerated liver. On May 24, he was released from the hospital, where he was given a chest tube and placed on a ventilator.

The bodycam video of the incident has not been released publicly. The Indianola Police Department did not provide any details other than confirming the identity of the officer involved in the shooting and telling CNN the police chief was unavailable. According to the Murray family’s attorney, Officer Capers is still employed by the police department.

"This was the worst moment in my life and I feel like nobody cares. That’s my child, y’all," Nakala Murray said during a sit-in protest against the police department on Thursday.

The Indianola Police Department has now deferred all questions regarding the incident to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, which has not put out any information since last weekend’s statement. Per CNN, the agency wrote, "MBI is currently assessing this critical incident and gathering evidence. Upon completing the investigation, agents will share their findings with the Attorney General’s Office."