Move Over, Gen Z: “Generation Alpha” Is Here

Children born in 2010 or later fall into this new demographic.

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The demographic that succeeds Gen Z has a name—Generation Alpha.

The term was coined in 2005 by Australian social researcher Mark McCrindle who founded market research company McCrindle Research.

"Generation Alpha began being born in 2010, the year the iPad was launched, Instagram was created and 'app' was the word of the year," McCrindle communications director Ashley Fell told Good Morning America. “They are the first generation of children to be shaped in an era of portable digital devices, and, for many, their pacifiers have not been a rattle or a set of keys but a smartphone or tablet device."

According to McCrindle’s research, people currently stay in a work role an average of just under three years, and if this trend continues, individuals born in Generation Alpha will have on average 18 different jobs over six distinct careers. Many of the jobs they will hold also don’t even exist yet.

"Many of these future jobs don't currently exist, with the World Economic Forum predicting that 65% of those entering primary school today will end up working in entirely new job types," Fell said. "Many students today learn skills in robotics, coding, social media marketing, app development and big data analytics to prepare for these futuristic jobs."