Officers In North Carolina Fired For Racist Remarks About “Slaughtering” Black People

Three officers from the Wilmington Police Department have been fired after in-car footage shows conversations of “hate-filled speech” and racist language.

Wilmington Police Chief Donny Williams gives a press conference announcing the firing of the three officers. Credit: Wilmington Police Department

Three veteran police officers in North Carolina have been fired after video footage shows them making racist slurs and talking about “slaughtering” Black people in separate conversations. 

On Wednesday, Wilmington Police Chief Donny Williams announced in a press conference that the department fired Officer James Gilmore, Corporal Jesse Moore, II, and Officer Kevin Piner, who have all worked for the department for more than 20 years. 

Williams, a Black 29-year veteran of the department whose first day as chief was Wednesday, said an internal investigation found the three men violated several policies after in-car video showed conversations that included “disrespectful language, hate-filled speech and referred to Black people as the ‘N’ word.”

In a report that details the conversations between the three men on different occasions, Piner can be heard talking to Gilmore about the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests. Gilmore mentioned videos he saw of white people allegedly kissing the feet of Black people saying, “it’s almost like they think they’re their own God.”

Later that day, Moore was talking to Piner about a Black woman he arrested the previous day, calling her the N-word multiple times, and talking about “putting a bullet in her head right then.” 

In another conversation, Moore and Piner talked about how a “civil war” is going to break out, with Piner adding he “can’t wait” to “slaughter” Black people if that happens. He then said a war needed to happen to “wipe [racial slur] off the map.” 
Williams said he was “shocked, saddened and disgusted” at the video. He also said the police department decided to be transparent about the firings “because it is the right thing to do.”

“Normally, personnel laws allow only a very small amount of information to be made public,” Williams said. “However, in exceptional cases, when it is essential to maintain public confidence in the administration of the City and the Police Department, more information may be released.”

Williams also said he is recommending that the three officers be ineligible for “rehire at the City of Wilmington.”