Puerto Rico Women’s Basketball Time Qualifies For Olympics For The First Time

They will become the fifth team in Puerto Rico’s history to participate in the Olympics.

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The Puerto Rican women’s basketball team has qualified for the Olympics for the first time.
During the FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Bourges, France, Puerto Rico defeated Brazil before losing to France. However, Australia’s victory over Brazil meant that Puerto Rico had secured the third qualifying spot for the 2020 Olympic Summer Games, along with Australia and France. 

The women’s basketball team will become the fifth team in Puerto Rico’s history to participate in the Olympics, the others being men’s basketball, men’s baseball, women’s volleyball and women’s softball. The Tokyo Games begin July 24.
Puerto Rico has been plagued with natural disasters over the years, most notably Hurricane Maria in 2017. After making landfall in September of that year, heavy rains and wind gusts ravaged the island, causing an estimated 2,982 fatalities and billions of dollars in damage. The island then had to deal with a lack of relief funding and supply mismanagement.
Puerto Rico has also suffered from a series of recent earthquakes that have occurred on and off since December 2019. The quakes have destroyed homes and caused hundreds of thousands of residents to lose power.
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