“Quarantine Diaries:” People Share Hilarious Struggles About Losing Social Contact

“Social distancing day 3: i am sending risky texts just to get my heart rate up”

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During the darkest of times, we can sometimes count on Twitter to lift our spirits. As the coronavirus has caused mass cancellations, statewide bans and closures, and widespread “social distancing,”  many people have started to spend an unusual amount of time indoors. (If that’s you, we’ve got ideas.) 

Enter “Quarantine Diaries.” Some people are recording their day-to-day since self-quarantining. 

Here are some of the best “entries:” 

1. Sometimes the groceries you have aren’t enough 

2. The struggle of being on lockdown with your family 

3. Life without sports

4. Reading can be too hard, to be honest

5. Beware of “eating because you’re bored”

6. Major identity dilemmas

7. Getting creative to keep yourself entertained

8. The smallest signs of life can bring us joy


10. Trying on hats > learning new skills

11. I’m not bored, you’re bored

12. Oh no

13. Even ghosts stay six feet away