Spotify Releases COVID-19 Content Advisory Notice in Response to Joe Rogan Controversy

Audio streaming provider Spotify has rolled out a COVID-19 content advisory notice following a flurry of backlash for neglecting to terminate Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast.

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

Spotify has rolled out a new function that serves to protect against COVID-19 misinformation as the streaming platform continues to grapple with Joe Rogan’s controversial statements related to the virus.

The advisory notice is a blue bar that looks similar to labels seen across YouTube and Instagram. It appears on podcast episodes that mention COVID-19, where users can click a link that directs them to more information about the virus.


Although Spotify says it’s unable to determine which shows contain material related to COVID-19 automatically, the feature is designed so that keywords within the episodes’ metadata like “COVID-19” or “pandemic” trigger the label.

The change comes roughly two months after one of Spotify’s top hosts, Joe Rogan, repeatedly spread false information about COVID-19, with prominent artists Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, among others, pulling their music from Spotify’s library.


Singer India Arie called out Rogan’s remarks in an interview with the Daily Show’s Trevor Noah last month, in which Noah deemed Rogan’s apology insufficient.

“I think he was saying it because it got a rise out of people … That’s why he would say it. He knew that it was inappropriate. And I think the fact that he did it repeatedly and was conscious and knew, I think that is being racist,” Arie said.

The musician has yet to pull her work from the streaming platform.

Previously, 270 medical practitioners and scientists published an open letter demanding that Spotify enact anti-misinformation policies.

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