Stray “Puppy” Turns Out to Be Endangered Dingo

A “puppy” found in rural Australia turned out to be a rare breed of dingo, which is on the endangered species list.

A small “dog” that was discovered in the backyard of a rural Australian home turned out to be a rare breed of dingo on the endangered species list.

The dingo puppy was found in rural Wandiligong, which is in the Australian state of Victoria. After a DNA test, officials discovered he is actually 100% alpine dingo, which is on the endangered species vulnerable to extinction list.

The dingo has been named Wandi and was moved to the Australian Dingo Foundation’s sanctuary. Wandi now has an Instagram page that has more than 24,000 followers.  

Wandi is a purebred dingo, which is a rare find in Australia, where many of them are said to be part-dingo, part-domestic dog. Because of this, Wandi could become part of the dingo breeding program at the sanctuary. 

According to Lyn Watson, the director of the Australian Dingo Foundation, there are three types of dingoes: tropical, inland, and alpine. Only Wandi’s type is on the endangered species list, which is due to inbreeding, hunting, and government eradication programs. 

The unnamed residents who found Wandi crying in their backyard told ABC they found him alone, hiding in the garden, with what appeared to be talon marks on his back. The resident said they didn’t hear any other dingoes, which could mean he was carried by some bird of prey.