Thanksgiving Came Early on a New York City Subway Car

The big holiday meal was organized by NYC entertainers, who came up with the idea three months ago.

A group of passengers held a Thanksgiving feast on a subway car to give back and spread love to New Yorkers. The meal was organized by some local entertainers, who came up with the idea three months ago. 

“A bunch of us, we’re all artists, and we figured the best way to give back is to literally give back to the people,” Idriss Alison-Konteh told NowThis. “Go on the train, and give back to them, and break bread with them. NYC gets a bad rep, everyone thinks that we’re all separate and divided, but we wanted to show that that’s not NYC. It’s all love, all love. We wanted to show that by breaking bread with commuters and passengers.”

A local chef, Chef Bea, cooked the full spread which included turkey, collared greens, salad, vegetables, fruit, and apple cider — but the organizers said the mac and cheese was one of the biggest hits. 

‘‘Yo, can I just say one thing before I get off? That mac and cheese was correct!” one of the passengers said. 

“They loved it, they loved the food, they loved the concept, they loved the energy, they loved the community,” Alison-Konteh said. “And, like you said, they loved the togetherness. NYC is a melting pot, where everybody’s from around the world, from different places. But I think it was a beautiful thing that we were able to come together and enjoy a meal and have a great time… Everybody had fun. It was a fun positive event. I’m happy that NYC embraced it.”

The Thanksgiving feast lasted about 1 to 2 hours. The group hopes their giving stunt will inspire others to give as well. 

“I hope and pray that this will inspire other people to give back to their communities. I really believe that no one should ever be hungry, especially at Thanksgiving time. If this can inspire people or bring joy to their hearts, I’m really happy. I’m satisfied, we did a great job,” Alison-Konteh said. 

The group hopes to make this an annual event and wants to make an even bigger Thanksgiving meal next year.