The 5 Best Non-Coronavirus Stories From This Week

The coronavirus was all we could talk about this week—but here are some feel-good stories that you may have missed.

If this week felt eternal for you, you’re definitely not alone. Beyond the consistently breaking coronavirus-related news, a mix of other stories might have flown under the radar. Here’s a quick recap of stories you may have missed:

Katy Perry told her dying grandma that she is pregnant, and the moment was captured on video. 

A four-year-old girl got an emotional pep talk after she called herself ugly while getting her hair done (we’re not crying — you’re crying!)

Emily Blunt performed in a hilarious “A Quiet Place” parody for an episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where she discussed her upcoming film “A Quiet Place Part II.” 

Billie Eilish stripped down to her bra at a Miami concert to make a powerful statement about body-shaming. 

This dancer creates stunning wheelchair dance pieces—and hopes to perform at the Tokyo Olympics.