15 of the Best Memes of the Decade

From Confused Math Lady to everyone’s favorite tea-sipping muppet.

They may have started out on chatrooms and forums in the early aughts, but memes have now essentially become the way we communicate. Here’s a look back at some (just some!) of our favorites from the past 10 years.

Woman Yelling at Cat — “Smudge the Cat” can’t be bothered by the dramatics in the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” frame next to him.

This Is Fine Dog — Smiling while the world is on fire (we all can relate).

Confused Mr. Krabs — Also known as “When You Wake Up From A Nap.”

Dat Boi Meme — The internet loves a green boi.

Distracted Boyfriend — One of the decade’s most popular memes, exemplifying when something else more appealing comes along.

But That’s None Of My Business — Dat Boi is only the second most famous frog on this list.

Confused Math Lady — Perfect for all of life’s toughest problems.

Sarcastically Surprised Kirk — For when you’re surprised but really not surprised at all.

Drakeposting — No one says one thing is better than another like Champagne Papi.

Spiderman Pointing At Spiderman — A self-aware fav!

Is This The Future Liberals Want? — The phrase that launched a thousand insane pseudo futures.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Reaction — The perfect response to someone who thinks they’re being some kind of “badass.”

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Blinking White Guy — Even more subtle than the aforementioned Star Trek meme.

Gavin — The confused grimace we can all relate to.

Persian Cat Room Guardian — Wait...that’s a cat?