These Are the Top 10 LOL’d Videos of 2019

We laughed, we cried, and we laughed again.

Look, we get it. Sometimes you need a break from all the news and noise.  We think this will help, so here are the top 10 NowThis videos that you laughed at the most this year. 

10. Adorable Baby Dresses Up as Dwight From “The Office”

9. Dog Drives Car in Circles Before Police Intervene

8. Watch This Cat Storm an NFL Game

7. Person Leaves Old TVs on 50+ Doorsteps in Henrico County, VA

6. Watch This Runner Save a Deer Twice

5. Valedictorian Slams San Ysidro High School Staff in Scathing Graduation Speech

4. Hundreds of People Participate in April Fools' “Silly Walk” Parade in Budapest

3. President Trump Says Airports Were a Thing During Revolutionary War

2. Preschool Class Goes As “101 Dalmatians” For Halloween

1. Apex, NC Police Captain Ann Stephens Scams Scam Caller