These Eco-Friendly Wine Bottles Are Flat

The future of wine can fit in your mailbox.

These flat wine bottles are more eco-friendly than their rounded counterparts.

London-based Garçon Wines offers flat bottles of wine that can be sent through the mail. The bottles are also made from recycled PET plastic.

According to the company’s website, Garçon’s co-founders were inspired to create flat wine bottles that could fit through UK mailboxes, and the sustainable design evolved from there. The bottles they created are 87% lighter than a glass bottle, which means every bottle saves 500g of CO2 across their supply chain. The flat shape also means they take up 40% of the space traditional bottles do, which cuts down on transportation costs and emissions.

Because of their mail-friendly shape, they can also be sent using less packing materials than a standard bottle.

"Excessive use of packaging at a time when we need to be more resource efficient is unsustainable,” Garçon’s co-founder Santiago Navarro said. “Furthermore, mitigating against climate change has become an existential necessity."

The company says it is also eager to share its bottles and wine with other brands looking for sustainable solutions.

“We can supply a turnkey solution of dry goods and bottling to companies wanting to offer their own wines and brands, in a more sustainable way, in our eco, flat bottles,” they explain on their site. “Also, in some cases, we may supply empty bottles only or all the dry goods.”