This Cowboy Museum’s Wholesome Twitter Account is What We All Need Right Now

A security guard was put in charge of the National Cowboy Museum’s Twitter account and his tweets are full of dad jokes and cowboy facts.

Twitter/ National Cowboy Museum
Twitter/ National Cowboy Museum

Museums have been closed down all across the country because of the coronavirus pandemic. But thanks to the power of social media, the National Cowboy Museum has become an online sensation—and it’s all because of their security guard, Tim. 

After the museum in Oklahoma closed its doors, Tim, the head of security, was tasked with managing their social media presence. Ever since then, his tweets have been the purest form of entertainment. 

This is Tim:

Tim is new to Twitter:

Tim is showing people some of the best parts of the National Cowboy Museum:

Hashtag John Wayne is exactly what the world needs:

Giving people a glimpse of American history:

And reminding everyone that we’ve gone through hard times before:

All while making sure his grandson Lucas is paying attention:

Of course, Toy Story is an important part of cowboy history:

(Another shoutout to the grandkids):

Twitter experts chimed in:

What is social media without a selfie?

Seth in marketing should give Tim a raise:

Lucas didn’t think it was funny!

But Tim made sure to say goodnight anyways:

He made a TICK TOCK:

Thanks Tim, the world needed you:

Understandably, Twitter users are obsessed with the cowboy tweets and Tim:

Never stop posting, Tim: