This Kitten Named Duo Was Born with Two Faces

Duo is considered a Janus kitten, which refers to the condition diprosopus.

A tiny kitten named Duo was born with two faces — each of them with functioning mouths and noses.

Dr. Ralph Tran, a veterinarian out of San Diego, was given Duo by a friend whose cat had kittens. The mother cat rejected Duo, likely because of her medical condition, but Duo needs constant care to survive.

Duo is considered a Janus kitten, which refers to the condition diprosopus. She isn’t the first cat to be born with two faces — another famous Janus cat named Frank and Louie lived to be 15 years old. Many cats born with diprosopus live for only a few minutes after being born.

“Diprosopus is different than conjoined twins, which result from the fusion or incomplete separation of two embryos,” Tran said on his Facebook.

Duo has one head and one body, but two faces with two mouths, noses, and a connecting eye. Duo still has to be tube fed sometimes because she has trouble eating on her own.

“Each face fights to eat and as a result, most of the food just ends up in the middle eye and on her forehead. That's why her forehead is now bald,” Tran said on his Facebook page dedicated to Duo.

Tran is an experienced veterinarian for cats, having worked at the ASPCA kitten nursery in Manhattan. He continues to care for Duo and has treated issues that arise, like a respiratory infection, a possible seizure, and issues with walking.

Tran shares updates on Duo’s progress on the Facebook page created for her (and her adoring fans).

“She is doing well and is very active ... She took a break from playing with the other cats and came up to me for head scratches and rubs. She got a little impatient when the head scratches slowed down.”