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Trump ‘Ambushed’ Harry Dunn's Grieving Parents at the White House

Trump ‘ambushed’ these grieving parents by suggesting they meet the woman who killed their son in a car crash.

President Trump ambushed grieving parents by trying to force a face-to-face meeting with the woman who killed their son.
Their 19-year-old son, Harry Dunn, was killed in August in a car crash with Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a U.S. Diplomat.

Dunn was riding his motorcycle when Sacoolas, 42, allegedly drove out of the RAF Croughton U.S. Air Force base onto the wrong side of the road and hit him head-on. 

Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and left the UK. Many are calling for her to return and cooperate with the investigation, including Dunn’s parents, who demanded justice from President Trump in an interview with Sky News.
“President Trump, please listen,” Dunn’s mother Charlotte Charles said. “We’re a family in ruin. We’re broken. We can’t grieve. Please, please, let her get back on a plane. Come back to the UK.”
On Tuesday, the parents met with Trump so they could ask him to waive Sacoolas’s immunity. But what they didn’t know was that Trump had Sacoolas waiting in another room when he offered to bring her in to meet them. According to a family spokesperson, Trump also had cameras standing by to capture the encounter.

"[Photographers] were there and had cameras and were clearly poised to grab that “poster picture shot” in the event that the president’s callous plan had come off," a family lawyer told the Daily Beast.
According to NBC, the Dunn family refused the meeting, and Charles later told reporters that “the bombshell was dropped" by Trump that "Anne Sacoolas was in the building and was willing to meet with us."
On Wednesday, Trump confirmed that he had arranged the meeting, saying he had "offered to bring the person in question in, and they weren't ready for it."

Last week, Trump called the fatal crash “a terrible accident,” but went on to seemingly excuse Sacoolas because of roads in the UK. “You know those are the opposite roads, that happens,” he said. “I won’t say it ever happened to me, but it did. When you get used to driving on our system, and then you’re all of a sudden on the other system when you’re driving, it happens.”
The Dunn family has set up a GoFundMe page as they “embark on a campaign to search for Justice for Harry as the legal process unfolds.”