WATCH: 13-Foot-Tall “Plastic Sh*t” Sculpture Draws Attention to Ocean Pollution

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Locals in Sydney’s Bondi Beach woke up on World Environment Day to a 13-foot-tall poop emoji made from recycled plastic that Better Packaging Co. dumped (get it?) on the shore to bring attention to how much plastic sh*t ends up in the world’s oceans every 30 seconds.

In addition to bringing attention to the absurd amount of plastic, the sculpture also coincided with Better Packaging Co.’s launch of a range of packaging called POLLAST!C, which is made of recycled plastic collected from Southeast Asia.

Rebecca Percasky, cofounder of Better Packaging Co., said in a press release, “POLLAST!C demonstrates that we can find ways to recycle some of the most problematic plastic waste globally while simultaneously decreasing the presence of abandoned plastic in our environment.”

To learn more about POLLAST!C, visit

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