A Youth-Led Strategy to Heal Marginalized Chicago Communities Through Justice

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#ad Over the past 10 years, Communities United developed the Healing Through Justice model, which positions youth to act on visions to address issues impacting their peers and families. This transformative effort has led to a partnership with Pritzker Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Lurie Children’s Hospital to create youth development and mental health breakthroughs.

Together, Communities United and Lurie Children’s Hospital are embarking on an 8-year path to further document, evaluate, and disseminate new youth-led strategies to address deep-rooted challenges facing Black and Latino youth in Chicago, including housing and school safety.

Listen as Healing Through Justice coordinator, Laqueanda Reneau, shares some of the bold solutions Chicago youth are working toward and how they are engaging institutions to support healing in their communities.

Learn more: wkkf.org/RE2030