YouTube Star Jenna Marbles Leaves Platform After Apologizing For “Inexcusable” Videos

The YouTuber announced she would be leaving the channel after more than a decade during an 11-minute video apologizing for posting “hurtful” content in the past.

Jenna Marbles speaks at Web Summit in Portugal in 2017. Getty Images.

Jenna Marbles announced Thursday in a video that she would be leaving the platform after addressing past videos in an effort to not “put out negative things into the world.”

The YouTube star, whose name is Jenna Mourey, has spent more than a decade making videos, amassing more than 23 million subscribers and being launched into internet fame after making a video called “How to trick people into thinking you're good looking.”  

Mourey sat down for a tearful 11-minute video, starting off by saying, “We’re at a time where we are purging ourselves of anything and everything toxic, and I’m being requested that I address things that I’ve done in my past.”

She then goes on to say that she’s made some of her old videos private over the last few days and repeatedly says throughout the video that she doesn’t want to hurt or offend anyone. 

“I just don’t want anyone to feel upset about anything, I don’t want to contribute to that,” she said. “I’m sorry if [my videos] hold any nostalgia for you, but I’m literally not trying to put out negative things into the world.” 

Mourey then apologized for a 2011 video in which she’s accused of doing Blackface that she calls “incredibly cringey and embarrassing.” Mourey said the video, which shows her portraying Nicki Minaj, has been private for “quite some time” after being criticized. She also pointed out the end of the video, where she takes off a pink wig to show how she looked, saying it wasn’t her intention to do Blackface. 

“This isn’t okay, and it hasn’t existed on the internet because it isn’t okay,” Mourey said. “I haven’t done anything remotely like that, because I heard people say ‘this is Blackface’ and ‘I don’t like that.’”

Mourey also apologized for another video from 2011 called “Bounce That Dick,” where she is shown wearing an Asian conical hat and rapping, “Hey ching chong, wing wong, shake your King Kong ding dong,” and then saying “sorry that was racist, I’m bad at rap songs.” 

“It’s awful, it doesn’t need to exist,” Mourey said about the video. “It’s inexcusable, it’s not okay.” 

She also addressed a video from 2012, a year she said was the hardest year of her life. Mourey called the video “unbelievably slut-shame-y,” and said she made it private shortly after posting it. Mourey said she “ranted about girls that ran around and slept around,” calling the video wrong, adding that she “had a lot of internalized misogyny.” 

“It does not reflect my attitude toward anyone and their bodies,” Mourey said through tears. “That’s really been eating me up inside for a long time. And I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry if I ever made you feel bad about yourself, or your choices, or anything.” 

Mourey also said she privated multiple videos where she makes jokes about tendencies of men and women because she said she knows people struggle with gender identity. Mourey added she doesn’t want this content out in the world that is harmful or hurtful. 

“I’ve tried my best to grow up and be a better person,” Mourey said. “I’m just a person, trying to navigate the world the same way that you are. So I don’t always know what’s right, what’s wrong, what the truth is, and I’m just trying my best.” 

Mourey then said she would be leaving the platform “for now.” 

“I just can’t exist on this channel,” she said. “Hopefully I’ve taken down anything that would upset someone, and I hope you know that’s just not my intent.”

She added: “So I think I’m just gonna move on from this channel for now. I don’t know if that’s forever, I don’t know how long it’s gonna be. I just want to make sure that the things I put into the world are not hurting anyone.” 

After Mourey posted the announcement, multiple people commented on her apology, with some criticizing it while others applauded her for taking accountability.