Ady Barkan Announces Support for Elizabeth Warren

The terminally ill activist announced his support in an emotional video letter to his newborn daughter.

During an emotional video message to his newborn daughter, terminally ill activist Ady Barkan announced his support for 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Barkan was diagnosed with ALS in 2016 shortly after his son Carl was born. Since then, he has continuously campaigned for healthcare reform through speeches, meetings with candidates, and his Be a Hero PAC. Though he has had to battle through many health complications and has lost the use of his voice without machine assistance, he has continued to fight for healthcare equality.

When his daughter Willow was born, he created the video to talk about his own journey, along with his family’s. He also shared his decision to endorse Warren.

“We are electing champions, we are transforming the discourse, we are winning real victories, and this year, we are in a struggle for the future of our democracy,” he said. “That is why your mom and I are supporting Elizabeth Warren for president.”

Barkan and Warren have spoken about healthcare in the past, and the struggles that come along with being terminally ill in the country’s current healthcare system. During the discussion, Warren said that she would like to be remembered for making the system better for more Americans, and “not just for the folks at the top.”

Warren has been an outspoken advocate for universal healthcare and recently released a financing proposal for her Medicare For All plan.

“She has the brains and the brawn, and the moral clarity to overcome the challenges we face,” Barkan said